"It is a tropical paradise comprised of 17, 000 island. Indonesia is known as possibly the most beautiful holiday destination blessed with volcanic mountains, mineral rich water, lush tropical forests and sandy beaches. Hot stone spa introduces the fabulous traditional with its myriad of tempting treatments from scrubs and baths to therapies, wraps and full body rituals guaranteed to nature both body and soul. Despite beliefs and traditional the importance of maintaining balance and equilibrium as does ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine do. "

Lulur Royale:
2hours - 750SR
Beginning with a Balinese ceremonial preparation combined with a Javanese beauty ritual we start with a Balinese therapy next step is to exfoliate the skin, gently rubbing over your body blend granular plant extracts herbs. Then we buff the skin to a smooth feel new as a Javanese polish. Followed by a cooling yoghurt splash. Then we prepare a warm fioral oil bath for you to relax and luxuriate in ( A health tea herbal tonic for its internal cleansing properties is offered to you as you relax ).

Luxurious Traditional Package:
2hours - 750SR
Featuring the Balinese therapy followed by a choice of natural exfoliate body scrub, based on cinnamon and tangerine scrub rich in natural vitamins and amino acids. The powdering package finishes with a sweet-scented fiower bath and a rejuvenating facial, leading guest with a feeling of total renewal.

Exotic touch of Bali:
2hours - 750SR
Your exotic touch experience will begin with a gentle body exploitation using a blend of granular herbal plant extract. We then buff the skin to a smooth feel with a Balinese polish called boreh. This is foOowed by a cooOng yogurt body mask to nourish the skin. We then prepare a soothing soak in a tropical floral essential oil bath. A health tea herbal tonic known for its internal detoxification properties is offered as you relax. Last but not least, you will en|oy an hour of aromatherapy therapy, using foot refiexology and lymphatic drainage techniques designed to help strengthen the bodys shown healing potential.

After child birth therapy:
90min - 650SR
This treatment takes about one month and carried by professional Balinese therapist. The new mother has to visit the Spa everyday for her Herbal oil therapy vaginal steam bath, for antiseptic properties, herbal bath and herbal oil therapy. For firming and shrinking the stomach , the bengkung is tightly wrapped to increase its effectiveness in contouring the body and reducing access wind; restore muscle tone, flush toxins and strengthens the body , stimulate the lymphatic system, thus helps the new mother sheds her access weight in a fast healthy way.

Balinese therapy :
1hour - 400SR
Traditional Balinese therapy has been passed down through generation, hands on healing techniques is applied with a combination of the skin rolling long kneading strokes acupressure and reflexology, with a blend of fiower oil and specially selected herbs the muscles are warmed with the use of gentle palm pressure.

Urut therapy :
1hour - 400SR
is therapy using the fingers, palms, knuckles and sometimes the whole body to manipulate muscles and energy path ways there by improves blood circulation and eliminates toxic build up.

Pijat therapy :
1hour - 400SR
is Javanese therapy, its far gentle and wmprises simple repetitive squeezing and kneading movements of the fingers and palms to relax tense muscles and calm the body.

Boreh wrap:
1hour - 400SR
Body wrap to warm your body. It improves circulation and suppleness (which is then wrapped in a blanket. The spices produce a sensation of deep heat).

Money therapy:
20min - 200SR
We called kerokan, this style of therapy involve a win being dragged diagonaOy aaoss the skin of the back, neck, shoulders, stomach and sometimes the feet.It leaves strong red lines. This therapy is painless helps alleviate colds, colic and weak aching bones by expelling bad air from the body.

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